Thursday, October 8, 2015

Rightful Liberty War Eagle III Gear Patch & Bags

This particular bag is mine.  The new patch is 4" round, and ideal for gear bags & Go Bags.

I have many gear bags staged, and each will IFF me as III.  This patch has "Shoot, Move & Communicate" on the border, our III and 13 stars, and a War Eagle standing his ground.  

Everything about this message informs those who see it that you are a III Patriot on war footing.

We are offering the patch by itself so you can put it on your gear, and we are offering it on the Rothco canvas Paratrooper bag (like mine, above) and the round duffle.  As usual, the patch has 2-piece velcro backing, so whatever mounting options you need are available.

**Note** If you order the Paratrooper bag like mine in the picture, it WILL NOT come with the III Percent Patriot tape on the shoulder strap.  That's something I added to my personal rig.  If there is enough interest in shoulder-strap tapes, I'll look into buying a bulk.

III Rightful Liberty Patch

Paratrooper Bag (OD) with III Rightful Liberty Patch

Canvas Duffle Bag (OD) with III Rightful Liberty Patch

Friday, July 17, 2015

Morale Operation: Death Zone

**UPDATE** Another 'Gun Free Zone' turns into a bloodbath - this time in Oregon.  Details here.

Operation Death Zone

In your community there exist many 'Gun Free' zones - and all of them are death traps.




And even .Mil locations.

Find them.  Sticker them.  Warn the public!

Stickers are vinyl 3x4 (suitable for outdoor use)

Operation DZ Stickers

Friday, July 10, 2015

III Stickers - Morale Operation Ghost Echo

3" x 4" Vinyl stickers
The Battle Buddies Working Group has decided a new sticker campaign is in order, given current circumstances.

We have ordered more III stickers, this design has proven itself time and again to be effective.

Put them where you may find allies.

Put them where you may annoy enemies.

Remind the bastards we see them...

Remind them their Treasons are noted...

Remind them there is a price...

Let them see Ghosts...

Let them hear Echoes...  


Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Don't Tread on Me III Tees

Don't Tread on Me - 60/40 cotton blend.  XL Only - give yourself room to move!

OD with black graphic.

Stand your ground!

Don't Tread on Me Tee - OD

Saturday, June 20, 2015

III Percent Rightful Liberty Patch: Fundraiser for Huntsville Op

The III Percent is headed to Huntsville, Alabama to stand with Tyler Truitt on July 29th.

All revenue generated via IIIGear is used to promote III Percent Patriot projects - like this one in Huntsville.

If you can't attend the hearing but would like to support the effort, we are offering a package of three (3) Rightful Liberty III Patches (pictured above) for $35 bucks, + a few bucks for postage.  The revenue will be used specifically for the Huntsville trip.

This is what III Patriots do...

III Rightful Liberty Patch

Thursday, June 18, 2015

III Percent IFF Patches

III IFF Patches.

Sand/Tan or OD.  These are 2x3 and fit on tactical caps or gear.  They all have velcro backing.

Offering them in sets of 3.  In Stock, shipping within 24 hours.

The spot you are on may go hot at any moment.  Make sure you can IFF yourself quickly.

IFF III Patches

Thursday, June 11, 2015

III *ahem* Calling Cards - Yeah, Calling Cards...

A III Patriot made a suggestion recently, and we thought it was a good one.

III 'Calling Cards'.

Yeah, that's the ticket.  Calling Cards.  You can write on the back - you know, stuff like your contact details.  Or whatevah...

You certainly wouldn't write anything like "We know who you are, where you live, and your little dog, too!  So stop working with the Tyrants!" or anything else that may be mistakenly inferred as intimidating.  Nor would you ever leave such a note on someone's car door, or at their workplace cubicle.   No, no, no, no...  

You know, hearts and minds are important - but let's be realistic, when you've got 'em by the balls, hearts and minds will follow...  

And you would never leave them at capers the way it was done old-school...

That would be impolitic.

Unless you intend to be realpolitik...

They are the size of regular playing cards, rounded corners, gloss color on the front, and subdued back without the gloss, so you can write contact information, or a private little note.

We are shipping them in decks of 52 cards - 17 of each variety, with one extra to make the deck right.

As with all IIIGear, proceeds go to continue III Projects.

In stock, shipping within 24 hours.

III Calling Cards

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Rothco Double Ender Canvas Duffle


Rothco canvas 'Double Ender' duffle.

OD IFF Patch
That's my personal bag in the picture above.  It has a full gi inside, and you can see there is still plenty of room.  That's my personal KA-BAR (with custom quick-draw sheath - which is f'n awesome, by the way) in the pic, just for scale.  

Just like the other Rothco canvas gear offered through IIIGear, this bag has endured my torture-testing and held-up better than the 'wonder-cloth' gear.  The bag has classically good lines, and the end pocket is roomy for gear you want separated from the main compartment.

As usual, you can order the Double Ender without a patch, with the Spartan Helm or the III Society Patch.  As usual part II - do NOT order the III Society version unless you are a member in good standing.  We carry it in either OD or Brown.

You can also order your bag with an OD or Sand III IFF patch - all options are in the drop-down menu.

Sand IFF Patch
From Rothco: Rothco's Canvas Double-Ender Sports Bag features a water repellent heavyweight canvas material. The bag has a 6 1/2 Inch extension end pocket and a 5 1/2 inch internal pocket. Additional features include a detachable shoulder strap and sturdy canvas carry handles. This canvas bag is great for long trips and sports equipment.  Bag is 30 inches by 13 inches.

Rothco Double Ender Canvas Duffle

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Rothco Shoulder Bags - Canvas!

Rothco canvas duffle bags.  

OD IFF Patch
Sand IFF Patch

My personal bag is OD, on the left, with the III Society patch. The one on the right is brown, with a Spartan patch.  I have used my bag for more than a year, and it has held up wonderfully.  I recommend these bags without reservation.  

Ideal for heading to the dojo or wherever you are headed.  

Also great for your teenagers - these bags can take abuse.

You may order OD or Brown, without a patch, with a Spartan patch, or a III Society patch.  Do NOT order the III Society patch unless you are a member in good standing.

From Rothco: Rothco 19" Canvas Shoulder Bag features a heavyweight cotton canvas with zipper-end pocket, detachable & adjustable shoulder strap and web carry handles.

In stock, ships within 24 hours.

Rothco Canvas 19" Shoulder Duffle

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Rothco Canvas Paratrooper Shoulder Bag with III Patch

Rothco Vintage Canvas Paratrooper Shoulder Bags
My personal bag is on the left, with the III Society Patch.

III Gear is offering an outstanding shoulder bag from Rothco. 

The bag is canvas, and designed along the lines of the vintage Paratrooper Shoulder Bag.

I have been using one for several months, and have found it to be excellent.  I use it primarily to carry my personal stuff to and from the studio - tablet, phone, dead-tree writing portfolio, books, et cetera.  It has plenty of room when you need to pack it full, and it collapses elegantly when you are carrying a light load.  It has great construction and lines.

We are offering it in several colors, with patches.

Use the drop-down menu to select the variables you want for your bag.  If you are buying more than one, just add each choice to the cart, then check out when finished.

In stock, shipping within 24 hours.

**NOTE**  DO NOT order the bag with the III Society patch unless you are a member in good standing.  

As always, proceeds help us continue forwarding III Projects.

From Rothco: Rothco's Vintage Canvas Paratrooper Bag offers classic styling and functionality and features 3 inner compartments great for storage of books or gear, 1 outer compartment w/ snaps and a fully adjustable shoulder strap. Overall dimensions are 15" x 11" x 4".

Paratrooper Shoulder Bag

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

IFF: Stand & be Counted!

Spartan Helm III Patches


IFF III Patch Tan
Shipped within 24 Hours!

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Spartan III Tactical Caps w/ Molon Labe Tab

Spartan Helm embroidered on our OD Condor Tactical Caps.  Greek Molon Labe tab included with each.

Ready to ship.

Spartan Tactical Cap w/Molon Labe Tab
Support the III

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Spartan Helm III Patch

Spartan Helm III Patches - embroidered with velcro backing.

4" tall.

In Stock - ships within 24 hours of order!

This has been an excellent fundraiser - help us take our operations to the next level.

Spartan Helm III Patches

Spartan Helm III Decals

These decals are outdoor rated, and look great.  

6" tall.  Application: Peel backing to expose glued surface.  Affix to your window/truck/etc.  Then remove the clear protective plastic cover - leaving behind only the Helm decal.

This is an excellent fundraiser for the III.


Spartan Helm III Decals

Monday, April 20, 2015

Shoot, Move & Communicate Patches

Patches are 4" x 2.5" with velcro backing, as usual.

$10/each or 3/$25 + postage.

III Comms Patch

Help us continue to grow the III.


Friday, September 19, 2014

III Lapel/Hat Pins Available Now!

III Lapel/Hat Pin - hat not included.
We've got IIIGear shipping this week, so I figured we'd offer the III Lapel/Hat Pins.  They are in stock and will ship by Saturday if you order before we hit the post office.  The hat is NOT included.

We've got several III projects running, and they all require money in the bank.  The TOC is one of the most important projects running right now, and we need to buy more gear for it.  You can support all of our III projects simply by purchasing an official III pin.

My thanks to each and every person who has helped support our projects over the years.  Nothing we do would be possible without you.

Yours in Liberty,

III Black Lapel Pin(s)

Sunday, August 10, 2014

III Tactical Caps

Pick your color & combinations in the posts immediately below!

Thursday, August 7, 2014

III Percent Tactical Cap with Patches

IIIGear Condor Tactical Cap in OD, includes the new 2x3 III front patch, the 1x4 OD Molon Labe tab in the back, and you can order the 1x1 III tab for the top - be sure to click the drop-down menu for that option.
1x1 Tab for top of Condor Tactical Cap

These are in-stock and will ship within 24 hours of placing your order.

Tactical Cap OD